Love is NOT just for healers

From the tanky and swanky to the stabby and not-too-shabby, Power Word: Love has a match made for everyone, no matter the specilization icon or class.

No puzzle to construct

Utilizing state of the art metrics with the WarcraftLogs API and evaluation by professional transmog fashionistas who will rate and match you with potential similarly fashionable soulmates, Power Word: Love will take the strategy out of relationship progression.

Love so good, it's socketed, warforged, and indestructible

You'll feel as great as when the piece of gear gets three 7s on the loot roll roulette, AND it'll even occur more frequently than every 8 weeks or so.

Garrisons make you lonely?
Want that Dr. Boom or Neesa Nox in your life?

Stormwind and Orgrimmar city folk just don't get it. It's hard to find a match in an ocean of whale sharks, The Lost Raid Tier of the Abyssal Maw, and tears from the collective petty gripes of Azeroth's denizens.

We make it more special than just another casual one-dungeon-stand with a stranger. We make it about you, your DPS/HPS/TPS/MPG, and your deaths to the elevator in Blackwing Descent.

No more kingdom RP

Our No Kingdom RP Guarantee™ promises our services will stop life-stunting addictions to Group Finder Kingdom RPs where you find yourself pretending to actually be romantically involved with your unrequited king or queen of the kingdom.


As you adventurers love to say, "Give me a quest." We indeed will. Complete your quests and quest(ion)s for your profile to grow stronger. It won't be long before someone sees your powerful profile and mischievously mutters, "I've got the beast in my sights."

No min ilvl for love

Whether you are a player who loves to crack open a Bud to do LFR with your friends Tanner and Doug or a mythic raider whose competitive thirst cannot be sated by the likes of laid back raiding and cheap beer but rather bringing out the "big click DPS" in raids, we can find you someone who shares your passion.

The Cloud

Your data is stored in The Cloud. What does that mean? It means your data is all online for us to sell to third parties to make additional revenue for our website with minimal effort.

Pretty rad what technology can do, isn't it?

Testimonial # 1

"It's nice to finally have a site to attach a progression background to the person whose introduction is sending me unsolicited pictures of his 'unchained Magmaw' in my PMs."

Testimonial # 2

"peeps i met on plower world aint mean shit to me though l0l but itz nice 2 get laid & skip raid. itz hella e-z to pick up some nerds if u have any pickup artist schoolin like me, dougy."

Testimonial # 3

"Sk'shuul zyqtahg guulphg fssh qwaggwa'fssh ga'halahs hoq, POWER WORD: LOVE.

All you need is love

...but 720+ ilvl, AOTC, and a fully upgraded ring is a plus


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